Check Your Heating Oil Level From Your Phone - Anytime, Anywhere.

  • Quickly Check Your Tank Level

    The Smart Oil Gauge app provides a visual level so you can quickly check to see how much heating oil you have. The app will also provide a precise readout to the nearest tenth of a gallon when the tank is low.

  • Countdown To Next Fill

    Smart Oil Gauge tracks your daily and weekly usage to determine how many days from now you'll need to order heating oil. We recommend reordering at a quarter tank to ensure you do not run out of heating oil.

  • Track Your Usage Throughout The Year

    Monitor your monthly heating oil usage to get a handle on how much it costs to heat your home. Track hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual heating oil usage to see how much oil you can save by adjusting the thermostat or upgrading equipment.

  • Easy Installation

    Installation in traditional steel tanks requires pipe dope, a pipe wrench, and your WiFi password. Be sure to connect the unit to WiFi BEFORE installing it on the tank or it will not be eligible for return.

  • Low-Level Text & E-mail Alerts

    Get notified when your tank is low. Configurable alerts can be set and sent to multiple email addresses. Get an alert for level below 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 or 1/8 tank. Sensor Offline notices and Low Battery alerts help to ensure you never run out of heating oil.

  • Works With Most Above-Ground Tanks

    Our special adapters are required for tanks with 1.25" fittings, 1.5" fittings, or for Double-Wall Tanks. Off-the-shelf reducers/couplers WILL NOT work as they will cause interference for the sensor. Contact us to set up a custom tank size at

How It Works